My name is Shannon Crow.

I work with yoga teachers and yoga students

with one goal in mind

 to spread the benefits of

presence, community, health and

acceptance via yoga.

I took my first 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2006 and I remember the support and motivation I felt that year.

Then I graduated and I felt like I had been dropped off into the wilderness.

I started teaching right away, but more so, I started learning about the business of yoga.

Now I help yoga teachers

to navigate

the entrepreneurial side of the yoga mat.

I write weekly articles and I work one-on-one with teachers across the world.

I also teach a weekly and private yoga classes focused on Pelvic Health and Gentle Yoga for Hips & Shoulders. To join me in class – visit my online calendar.

Welcome. I look forward to sharing what I learn along my journey as student and teacher.

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Private Yoga Tracking Form

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed today. I had a busy week of private yoga sessions, which is great. It was just that the paperwork was getting ahead of me. read more

Anatomy of the Pelvis

Wanting to learn the basic boney anatomy of the pelvis? You have found a great article that outlines where the bones are and how to find them. read more

Batched Email Time

In my research of email and time management I began to read about batched email time. Think of it this way. If you were going to bake cookies... read more

Cleaning Out My Email

I think I just discovered the best email tool. You know how you sign up for those great newsletters, e-book and free things and then your inbox is full? read more

Love Versus Kindness

If you find it difficult to show your love - to self and to others - this article might give some insights. I have replaced the word love with kindness when it has come up for me. read more

Savasana Continued

Two weeks ago I wrote an article about what I like to include and exclude after savasana. This savasana continued article offers additional options. read more

What Happens After Savasana?

Think back to the last time you were in a yoga class and had a great savasana. Remember how you felt as the teacher slowly guided you back to seated with eyes open. What happened next? An OM to close maybe. Then what? read more

Whistle Breath

Whistle breath offers calming focus and relaxation. It is a fun breath practice that we sometimes forget about. It is great for beginner students. read more

Strengthen Your Core

Yoga students often request core strengthening aspects to a yoga practice and for great reasons. Strengthening your core helps to prevent back pain and helps to support the important pelvic organs. read more

5 Keys to Hands-On Assists

I have been editing the Art of Assists for Yoga Teachers manual again. I like to add to it and update it as I learn and grow as a teacher. This graphic that I created today gives some great insight to the keys of hands-on assists. read more

Define Your Ideal Yoga Student

When you define your ideal yoga student - it takes the guessing out of everything, from choosing a logo and colours to confirming your class calendar. read more

Art of Assists for Yoga Teachers

Art of Assists with Shannon Crow is a course devoted to helping yoga teachers to assist their students – through hands-on assists, verbal cues, pose awareness, with props and with an awareness of the yoga space and the feedback from students. read more

Marketing Your Yoga

As I was working on it I thought of the most common question that has come in so far from yoga teachers. What is the best advertising platform to use for marketing your yoga? read more

My Referral List of Practitioners and Therapists

At a yoga teacher training this past weekend we were discussing how a referral list of local therapists and practitioners is so helpful and that got me to thinking that it would help all yoga teachers to have an outline of the list that I have. read more

Student Waiver Form

A student waiver form provides you with four very important things -- health information, contact information, a signed waiver and email consent (which is required in Canada since the Anti-Spam law was passed in 2014). read more

What is a Yoga Assist?

My belief is that a yoga assist is not intended to adjust, correct or fix a student or pose. Instead a yoga assist should offer enhancement and confidence. read more

Gentle Yoga for Hips & Shoulders

Every Tuesday from 5:30-6:45pm is Hips and Shoulders Yoga at Tone Studio in Owen Sound. Read on for more information on the fall session and for printable pose cards. read more

Yogi Tea Recipe

Yogi Tea is an ancient healing tea in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition that is perfect for cold and flu season. It tastes great, energizes and rejuvenates, and is wonderful for people of all ages. Your home will also smell great as it is cooking! read more

30 Day Resolutions

With the winter solstice I got reading about how this is a great time to set goals, so I went back to my list of 30 day resolutions and decided to list the entire year. Here is how it is looking so far. read more

Define Your Passions

Define Your Passions What excites you now? What do you lose track of time doing? If you had an entire free day or weekend what would you love to do? read more

Cinnamon Christmas Tree Ornaments

This year the kids and I found a recipe for Cinnamon Christmas Tree Ornaments. They were easy and fun to make. They are non-toxic so I am not worried for our cats or toddlers that might visit. Best of all they smell wonderful! read more

Yoga for Back Pain

When I was told "no yoga" - I knew in my mind what I would tell any student. Focus on the meditation, pranayama and all of the other aspects (8 Limbs) of yoga. Poses are just a small part of yoga. I teach yoga for back pain and so I just needed to use what I share. read more

Yoga for Musicians

I have created a Yoga for Musicians example flow (below) as an example of what breathing and stretches can be done before and during a music practice session. Feel free to share this with your yoga guides and healthcare providers to develop a practice that is suitable to your body at this time. read more


Today I am focusing on Ahiṃsā as part of my Eight Limbs of Yoga project. Ahimsa means nonviolence or not harming. read more

Metta Meditation

Metta Meditation (also known as metta bhavana) is focused on the emotion of loving-kindness. Metta means love (in the non-romantic sense), friendliness or kindness. Bhavana means development or cultivation. read more

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum is a mantra that contains all of the teachings of the Buddha. It can be listened to, said aloud or said in your mind. read more

The Sound of Truth Story

The Sound of Truth Story A devoted meditator, after years concentrating on a particular mantra, had attained enough insight to begin teaching. The student's humility was far from perfect, but the teachers at the monastery were not worried. read more

Private Yoga Class Waiver Form

Here is the private yoga class waiver form that I use. The first page is a general student waiver and information form that is similar to what we use at Tone Studio in Owen Sound. Feel free to use this to format your own private yoga class waiver form. read more

Eight Limbs of Yoga

I created this eight limbs of yoga "homework" as part of the MamaNurture Prenatal Yoga teacher training last year. When one of the graduates told me that she was still using parts of it a year later I knew I wanted to share it. read more

Yoga Playlist: July 2015

This yoga playlist is over 2 hours and incorporates songs that have Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in them from when we talked about cycles of change and the perceived beginning, end and middle of something. read more

Watermelon, Lime & Ginger Juice

Watermelon, Lime & Ginger Juice is a delicious treat on a warm summer day. We discovered this healthy, delicious recipe trying to use up our watermelon. read more

Yoga Dance Playlist

I was so honoured when Lindsay (of DevaTree) asked me to share a Yoga Dance experience on weekend one of Expressive Arts Yoga Teacher Training. I used my "go to" Yoga Dance playlist and wanted to share it. read more

Prenatal Yoga Playlist

Here are some of my favourite prenatal songs. It is a gentle, slow paced prenatal yoga playlist, perfect for anyone in need of nurturing, relaxation and inspiration. read more

Back Care Yoga

I love teaching gentle back care yoga. I see students come to class that have had surgeries, injuries, pain, etc. and then I hear how back care yoga is helping them to have more mobility and less pain. read more

Yoga Playlist: May 2015

This weekend was very first session of 'The Art of Assisting Yoga Postures' in Owen Sound and I had lots of great feedback about the yoga playlist for our 2-hour morning yoga practice on Saturday, so I wanted to share it. read more

Giving Requires Receiving

As a yoga teacher I remember back to teaching 11 classes a week, 2-3 Thai Yoga Massages and 10-30 hours of administration work per week. I was driving everywhere, not eating properly, staying up late to fit more in and skipping my own yoga practice. read more

Detox Relax Bath Recipe

Today my dear friend, Kim (who is also a co-founder of MamaNurture), sent me an email with this detox relax bath recipe. read more

PicMonkey Love

Okay so I have to tell you about my PicMonkey love. I use it to create all kinds of projects. read more

Yoga for Acceptance

Yoga has taught me to find balance between striving to be a better person and accepting where I am in this moment today. My focus for this month is Yoga for Acceptance. Join me. read more

The Fuzz Video

Often I refer to The Fuzz Video by Gil Hedley in my yoga classes and Thai Yoga Massage sessions. I share it via email or tell people to search for it when they ask questions about fascia and movement. read more

Spring Yoga Playlist

In the spirit of spring and all things new I updated my "go to" yoga playlist. I used it this weekend at the yoga teacher training and wanted to share it with the yoga teachers and students and/or the music lovers out there. read more

Pranayama Chart

I created this pranayama chart for my own clarification on breath practices and how they affect the mind. I often refer to it before a teacher training, workshop or class focused on breath. read more

How to Write a Blog Post

How to write a blog post is an article where I share two variations of writing to get to a completed blog post. Please share what helps you. read more

Positive Affirmations

I often was telling students in yoga classes to let go of their negative self-talk and I started to think about this with my knee, (and other parts on various days). I decided to use positive affirmations. read more

Tree Meditation

As we continued with the tree meditation, Chase asked us to mentally repeat the words strong and stable and I started to feel like I could be a tree outside in the warm sunshine, then the rain was good because it was part of what sustained me. read more