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I am a 500-hr+ certified Experienced Yoga Teacher. I like to make yoga fun and accessible for everyone.

My gentle classes focus on the healing aspects of yoga – especially for the nervous system, hips, shoulders and pelvic floor.

If this sounds like your kind of yoga and if you want to feel the benefits of mobility, relaxation, strength and balance in your life
– join me for a class.

Proudly teaching with:

Upcoming Classes and Events

Yoga for Pelvic Health

In Yoga for Pelvic Health you will learn movements/yoga poses, breath practices and information to help you to improve and maintain pelvic health.

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Define Your Yoga Niche: Online Workshop for Yoga Teachers

This yoga niche workshop is for yoga teachers who want to share their unique style of yoga. Students connect with teachers who share clarity and a passion.

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Art of Assists for Yoga Teachers

Art of Assists with Shannon Crow is a course devoted to helping yoga teachers to assist their students – through hands-on assists, verbal cues, pose awareness, with props and with an awareness of the yoga space and the feedback from students.

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Recent Articles

Vijnanamaya Kosha

The Vijnanamaya Kosha (also known as the wisdom body) is the fourth layer in the kosha model. Vijnana translates to intellect or knowing.

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Pelvic Symmetry Sequence

This pelvic symmetry sequence is adapted from Cecile Röst, PT and Dr. Sinead Dufour, PT, PhD. Useful for pelvic girdle pain or asymmetry.

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Manomaya Kosha

The Manomaya Kosha (Manamaya Kosha) is the third layer in the Kosha model. Manas is a Sanskrit word for mind. This kosha governs the intellect.

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