low-res-warrior-i-yoga-photo-by-robert-sturmanHello and welcome.

I am a consultant for yoga teachers and studios. I share what I have learned (and continue to learn) as a yoga entrepreneur since 2006, through one-on-one consulting calls. I do this work so that yoga teachers have more time and energy to offer the yoga that is unique to them and the yoga that brings meaning to the work they do.

I have a weekly Facebook live show for yoga teachers and on March 4th of 2017 I will be launching The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast
In 2006 I became a yoga teacher. I have learned that my passion for teaching is all about Yoga for Pelvic Health as well as Gentle Yoga for Hips and Shoulders. I have weekly private and group classes in Owen Sound, Ontario — at Proactive Physio Plus and Tone Studio (where I am also studio director).

I am dedicated to helping yoga teachers and students to uncover and nurture their own unique expression of yoga. I thrive in a playful, vibrant, and supportive learning environment that is accessible to everyone, so this is what I like to bring to class.
I offer teacher trainings as the co-founder of the MamaNurture Prenatal Yoga School and the director of Art of Assists for Yoga Teachers.

In my spare time I love hiking the Bruce trail with my partner, Shawn and my three children (when I am cool for my almost all teens to hang out with). I like to be outside in the vegetable garden in the summer or skiing in the winter. I love the quiet of morning with a tea, my yoga mat and my journal. I like to laugh and visit and hear or read great stories.

Certifications from 2006 to present:

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